DIY Restoration: An Easy Relaxation Exercise


Who has time to relax or calm down?  

Whether we feel we have time or not we're stuck with the fact that sometimes we have to stop everything and let ourselves have a "moment".

I like this "audio" meditation.  We live in a very visually oriented world.  It is somewhat astonishing at how loud a city can seem through our eyes. 

Sit somewhere: the woods, the subway, a mall parking lot, at home, etc

Begin by noticing your body and your sitting position.  Notice where your arms are, if your head or back is leaning against something.  Allow whatever surface you are sitting on to hold your full weight. Notice the pressure of your body against this surface.

Now become aware of the sounds around you.  You might choose to close your eyes.  If you are in a relatively quiet area you might hear your heart beating, your stomach gurgling or the sound of your own breathing.  If it's a noisier location perhaps you'll hear a bus, train or plane go by, a stroller, a crying baby, a dog barking, other people's conversation.  Notice the different sounds coming and going...

You can set a timer if you want to- 3 minutes?  5 or 10 minutes?  longer?  Or you can do the exercise until you feel finished- without timing it.  You decide.

When you are ready to end bring your awareness back to the surface that is supporting you and after a few moments gently open your eyes.  Notice how you feel.  If you like, you can keep a small notebook of these feelings, sensations, thoughts.